Great Eats of Alpine

Yes, when people think of fine dining in western Wyoming, Jackson is the first place that comes to mind. As of late, Alpine has established itself as a great “foodie” town with some great places eat. Here are some of our favorites: 



  • Yankee Doodle’s Cafe: The Yankee Doodle serves delicious breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. On Friday through Sunday, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is your classic hometown dinner, with a variety of choices on the menu and great coffee. 
  • Rivers Coffee Company: This coffee shop is connected with Yankee Doodle, however they have their own to go menu.  Rivers Coffee Company is the perfect place to stop and grab a bite and brew on your way to Teton National Park!  
  • Delish Donuts: Delish specializes in the mini donut- serving different and unique ones everyday! Delish also has hot breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos and coffee. This is another great stop if you’re headed out for an early morning; they open at 6 AM! 



  • Taco Bus: Taco bus is a food truck style Mexican restaurant with the best burritos in town. There are picnic tables out front or you can take your food to go. 
  • Bull Moose Saloon: The Bull Moose is a great stop for lunch or dinner with the same menu for both. Their menu has a big and diverse variety, including salad, sandwiches and soups of the day. 
  • Melvin Brewing: Melvin is a local micro brewery with some awesome brews on tap! They have a small but mighty menu, and you can’t beat their location right on the Palisades Reservoir.  This is the perfect place to relax and fuel up after a long hike or day on the water.
  • Driftwood Pizzeria: This local pizza joint is open for lunch and dinner. Driftwood has pizza slings a great pie, but also serves sandwiches and Italian entrees! 



  • La Cabana del Tequila: A great Mexican joint with great options and even better margaritas!
  • Flying Saddle Resort: Their menu features wild meats like elk chops and bison burgers and an all-you-can-eat salad bar during the summers. 
  • Brenthoven’s Restaurant (at The Nordic Inn): Brenthoven’s has a small curated menu that is guaranteed to impress. This restaurant suggests reservations, as they are small and very busy in the summers. 

Looking for more suggestions? Feel free to contact us for any additional information- we are happy to help.

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What to bring on your RV trip to Wyoming

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