FAQs/ Policies


Thanks for visiting! Still can’t find what you are looking for? Maybe these Frequently Asked Questions about the property will help!

Is there free Wi-Fi on property?

Yes. We offer free Wi-Fi for all guests in our main lodge.

How far is the campground from the town of Jackson?

To Jackson's historic Town Square, we are 36 miles or ~45 minute drive.

How do we make rafting reservations?

Simply give us a call directly, or reach out to our sister company, Dave Hansen Whitewater.

How much is your sales tax?

6% sales tax plus a 2% lodging tax.

What amenities do you have?

While our park is under construction, we have a temporary bath house and temporary Lodge Office. Stay tuned as other amenities become available!

Do the sites have grills and picnic tables?

Every RV site has a dining set and fire ring. Grills are available for rent.

Do you have a swimming pool or hot tub?

No, but we are very close proximity to the Palisades Reservoir, which is approximately 1 mile away!

Do you have cable?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Do you need to make reservations in advance?

Advanced reservations are highly recommended.

How far are you from Grand Teton National Park?

To Moose, where the GTNP headquarters are located, we are located approximately 49 miles, or a roughly an hour's drive.

Where are you located?

Alpine Valley RV resort is located just a 1/4 mile from the Palisades Reservoir, on the corner of Highway 89 and Highway 26 in downtown, Alpine, Wyoming.

How far are you from Yellowstone National Park?

To the South Entrance, we are approximately 92 miles, or a ~2 hour drive.