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UTV Rentals at Alpine Valley RV

How does wind in your face, mud slinging, ripping up the forest roads sound? We’re excited to be teamed up with Scenic Safaris to now offer UTV rentals right here at Alpine Valley RV Resort! Amp up your access to the stunning Bridger Teton National Forest and explore our surrounding landscape on four wheels. Think of it as your ticket to getting closer to nature and having an epic adrenaline-pumping UTV adventure all at once.

Located right next to the Grey’s River, Alpine, Wyoming is a UTV destination. From our property, you can explore Wyoming on a 4-hour adventure that traverses our scenic landscape and experience the natural beauty and history of the area of our Wyoming wilderness.

We recommend reserving your UTV in advance to ensure we can accommodate the date and time you prefer. If we have availability, we’re happy to help you with your booking when you check in.

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